House of Assets — The First-Ever Women-Led NFT Marketplace in Scandinavia

As human beings, we all love to collect any form of souvenir that is associated with our favorite superstars. We do this because we have an emotional connection with them. Non-Fungible Tokens take this connection to a macro level. NFTs are storming the world, and many celebrities, athletes, and creators are hopping onto this bandwagon to reap maximum benefits and to step closer with their fans and followers. Though men and women have equal access to the blockchain business, it predominantly looks more of a male-dominated sector. A report published by the research firm, ArtTactic, depicts that women account only 16% of art NFTs in the market. This demonstrates that the women are constantly exploring new avenues and strive their best to create new records. In this line, House of Assets is immensely glad to have the support of one such versatile women co-founder — Keep reading to know more!

A Crypto Queen’s Marvel:

According to stats, women are in the process of gaining their dominance in the technology sector, and nearly 20% of startups only have female founders in this domain. When it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrency, it further gets reduced to 12%. Yes, you heard it right. Only 12% of the women are involved in the cryptocurrency sector, and they play diverse roles, including founders, developers, and investors. Yasmine Alami West is one of these 12% women who unfurled the flag on the crypto space. And guess what? House of Assets is the first women-led NFT marketplace in Scandinavia. Isn’t that impressive?

House of Assets is a new-age NFT marketplace instituted by Thomas Algren West and Yasmine Alami West for their love of NFTs. Yasmine Alami West is an entrepreneur, business leader, and cryptocurrency enthusiast who wishes to bridge the gender gap in this burgeoning sector. Yasmine has a great passion for technology, and this made her admire the concept of non-fungible tokens. Putting it all together, it gave her the aspiration to lead an entire NFT project from the front.

“I am certain that empowering women would empower the next generation. Women have the equal potential as men and so diversity in the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem is unquestionably workable. I do my best to stand as a great inspiration for other women who wish to turn the tables in the NFT space,” asserts Yasmine.

About Yasmine Alami West:

Yasmine is the founder and CEO of Alami Media, a media entity which transforms businesses into powerful groundbreaking media experiences that work across platforms and deliver real value. Also, she is the founder of Remarkable Women Remarkable World, a dynamic platform that supports, connects and unites female leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals with different backgrounds across the oceans.

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